söndag 17 juli 2011

Mer av Lucebert

En favoritsäljare som alltid har högklassiska grejor till salu är Corregio. Men jag har aldrig förstått varför han inte slänger in allt på Bukowskis Moderna. Han verkar ju ha hur mycket som helst på lager.

Teckningen av Lucebert är kanske ingen höjdare, men det är ju ett orginalverk ändå. Tillhörde COBRA.
Just nu är budet 1575 kr, men gissar att det kommer sluta strax över 2200 kr.


Lite från Wikipedia:

Lucebert's talent was discovered when he started working for his father after school. After half a year of art school, he chose to be homeless between 1938 and 1947. In 1947, a Franciscan convent offered him a roof over his head, in exchange for a huge mural painting. Because the nuns could not appreciate his work, they had it painted over with white paint entirely.
He belonged to the Dutch literary movement of De Vijftigers. They were highly influenced by the European avant-garde movement COBRA. So was Lucebert, especially in his early work. His art reflects a rather pessimistic view on the world.
His strong personality appealed to many. As a poet he laid foundation for a revolutionary innovation of Dutch poetry. Most of his poems were collected in Gedichten 1948-1965. After this period of writing poetry, he worked mostly on visual arts, that was called figurative-expressionist from the Sixties.

Well known is his line "Alles van waarde is weerloos" (All things of value are defenceless) from the poem De zeer oude zingt (The very old sings)

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